Coping with stress is something that can be learned.  Today almost everyone has to deal with stressful situations, and stress is actually an essential part of life. There are two types of stress: positive and negative stress. Without positive stress, which manifests itself in pleasant anticipation, elatedness, or excitement, for example, we would be depressed, unmotivated, and at some point become mentally ill. However, people that suffer from significant amounts of negative stress are nervous, listless, and more susceptible to illnesses.

And when stress becomes a permanent condition, the danger of a burnout syndrome exists.

Burnouts  are often not recognized in time.  When one stressful period follows the other and you no longer have the opportunity to rest and relax (or when rest and relaxation no longer have an effect), it’s high time to take action. 

Proven preventative measures include relaxation techniques and paying increased attention to your own body and well-being. In this context, massages, acupuncture, and different measures to strengthen your immune system can help prevent physical and mental breakdowns.

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