regarding treatment options using acupuncture/herbal therapy/hypnosis Free of Charge

Manual Treatment

regular treatment lasting approx. 60 minutes

EUR 70.00

Manual Treatment

short treatment lasting approx. 30 minutes

EUR 40.00

Formulation of a Medicinal Herb Recipe

Acupuncture – Initial Treatment

EUR 50.00

Acupuncture – Follow-Up Treatment

EUR 40.00 (per session)


approx. 1 hour

EUR 70.00

Additional fees for supplies such as injections, tapes, ear candles, etc., as well as travel costs when making house calls are calculated on a T&M basis.

All fees are calculated in accordance with the official fee schedule for certified alternative practitioners. In most cases, treatment costs are covered completely or in part by private health insurance policies and/or supplementary insurance policies.

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Subject to change at any time. Errors and omissions excepted.