Kathrin Klix is a trained and certified alternative practitioner and member of the German Consortium for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (AGTCM).

She has practiced alternative medicine since 2006, and in addition, has completed vocational training programs and advanced training seminars in:

Acupuncture (General University of Cooperative Education for Alternative Practitioners)

Acupuncture according the Balance Method by Dr. Richard Tan

Breuss Massage (Paracelsus School)

Chinese Massage Therapy (advanced vocational training at the AGTCM)

Dynamic Spine and Joint Therapy (Paracelsus School)

Specialized Therapist for Massage and Wellness (SWAV)

Full Body Massage (Art of Touch)

Medicinal Thai Massage according to Pape (Top-Physio)

Mobile Massage (FITalis)

Chinese Pharmacotherapy (AGTCM)

Pulse Diagnostics

Deep Tissue Massage

Qi Gong

Hypnosis (Thermedius Institute)

The holistic treatment plans developed specifically for you are usually covered in whole or in part by private health insurance policies or private supplementary insurance policies.

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